Frozen Chocolate Banana Popsicle




A sweet treat recipe adapted from FEEDInc 


1. I peeled a banana














2. I cut it into two equal halves












3. I stuck them on an 'icy pole' stick and then stuck it in the freezer.












4. Once it solidified, I took it out and rolled it in melted chocolate. While the chocolate was still gooey, rolled it on a crunchy topping of pistachio nuts and stuck it back in the freezer for about an hour until the chocolate set. 













This is the perfect frozen sweet treat for the summer with some extra nutritional punch!


Bananas are a great source of vitamins C and B6 and are also packed with fibre and potassium.


Pistachios are a great source of Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Copper and Manganese.


And of course, Chocolate, also a good source of Iron, Copper and Manganese and if used sparingly, can still be healthy and delicious! 


An Registered Dietitian can help with all your nutritional needs.