Too Thin is Too Bad – Why?

Recently. an Australian model has taken a stand after a swimwear label used pictures of her without permission and Photoshopped her to appear considerably slimmer than she is in real life.

The article generated some discussion in the comments section where some people highlighted that in recent days there is a refreshing change that you hear and see, skinnier models are being substituted for a slightly healthier model. The same discussion forum also had some people arguing as to how this too is a form of discrimination based on body image.

I couldn't help but wonder that is it?

Up until now, skinnier models like Kate Moss would hog all the brands while a not so skinny model would be left with no option but to starve herself to be all shrivelled up and only skin and bones so certain designers could hang their clothes off like on a hanger.

And all this time, people would raise their voices about negative body image and now that we hear some news about the opposite, that too seems to have been causing a certain upheaval.

Here is what I have to say about these skinny models and their future:

  • Osteopenia/Osteoporosis: 1 in 2 women are likely to get osteoporosis later in life. Being skinny puts a female model at greater risk for breaking bones later in her life. Since these skinny models carry around fewer pounds, they put less stress on the bones and joints which does not help their bone growth. In addition, these women will have less fat mass and therefore, produce less oestrogen which is the key to maintaining healthy bones.

  • Infertility: Both thin male and female models are at risk for infertility. Again, not having enough fat mass causes disruption is hormone production leading to disrupted menstrual cycles for women, and lower sperm counts for men.

  • Inflammation and Decreased Immune System: As the body begins to detect malnourishment, the immune system becomes weak and those with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to inflammation. When the body is working on maintaining proper nourishment, it is hard to maintain a healthy immune system when you don’t have all the macro and micronutrients needed.

I am going to ask all these people who are supporting this “ZERO” figure notion, as to “What they think about the future consequences?”

We have been told over and over that being overweight is unhealthy. But, we never hear about the unhealthy aspects of being thin?