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About Dr Rajshri Roy

Rajshri is passionate about scalable and sustainable properties of food environment and social marketing-based interventions that have the potential to bring about adequate changes in the dietary behaviour of individuals and communities.


Her academic research concentrates on dietary behaviour changes through appropriate personalisation of interventions, according to the requirements of the individuals and community by using user-centred, co-design and participatory research methodologies, and proper integration of behaviour change techniques to motivate long-term changes.

Her current research centres on three key themes:

  • Exploring the determinants of dietary choices to support improved outcomes for health and sustainability.

  • Point-of-purchase interventions to promote healthy dietary behaviours through nutrition education and food environment modification. 

  • Digital food environments through which flows of services and information that influence people’s dietary behaviours are directed, including social media, digital health promotion interventions, digital food marketing and online food retail.

From clicks to craving: how the digital food environment shapes what we eat

Want to participate in research?

Eat Well for Likes

We are aiming to examine 'social influence' and investigate whether social factors increase willingness to use social media and eat healthily.

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Want to participate in research?

The Daily Health Coach

We are aiming to develop an engaging health & wellbeing intervention using social media.

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