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Dr Rajshri Roy is a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics and an Accredited Practising Dietitian in the School of Nursing at the University of Sydney. Her research is in the area of population nutrition and community dietetics looking at lifestyle interventions and nutritional epidemiology in young adults. In her current research, she is particularly interested in digital marketing and social media opportunities for dietary behaviour change in young adults. Rajshri is passionate about food and nutrition and their relation to holistic health. She has expertise in food environments, digital health, public health nutrition, and multidisciplinary research and is an advocate for the primary prevention of obesity and chronic diseases in young adults.

She holds leadership roles locally, nationally, and internationally including Vice-Convenor for the Dietitians in Digital Health Interest Group Leadership Committee and Co-Deputy Chair of the Digital Health ECR Working Group at Charles Perkins Centre. Specializing in research, public health nutrition, and clinical dietetics, she is the Community and Public Health Domain Lead for the Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Sydney. Rajshri is the course coordinator for OLET1616: The Science of Health and WellbeingNTDT5608: Community and Public Health Nutrition and Public Health Nutrition placements.


  • PhD

    University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 4 Mar 2013 - 31 Jul 2016

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education

    University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, 3 Dec 2018 - 2 Dec 2019

  • BSC (Hons)

    University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 5 Mar 2007 - 14 Nov 2011

Affiliation: Senior Lecturer, Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Sydney


Research Areas of Expertise: - Public Health Nutrition - Obesity - Diet - Food Environment Interventions - Dietary Behaviour Change - Young Adults - Health Promotion - Social Marketing - Implementation Science - Nutrition Assessment - Nutritional Epidemiology - Dietary Patterns - eHealth/mHealth - Qualitative Research - Translational Research


  • Accredited Practising Dietitian, Australia

  • Dietitians Australia, Canberra, Australia, 1 Mar 2011 - present

    Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) credential is a public guarantee of dietetic expertise

  • Registered Dietitian, New Zealand

  • The Dietitians Board of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand, 22 Jul 2016 - December 2023

    Registered within the Scope of Practice of a Dietitian in New Zealand with name been duly entered in the Register of Dietitians.


Digital and social media opportunities for dietary behavior change in young adults.


Food environment interventions for dietary behaviour change

Nutrition and dietetics research in improving dietary behaviors


Impact of dietary behaviours on food security and sustainability

  • Exploring the changes in sustainable and healthy food practices in response to COVID-19 in New Zealand and the UK

  • COVID Kai research explores how cooking, shopping, and eating has changed during lockdown

  • Mapping the Effects of Social and Economic Factors on Chronic Diseases – A Comparative Analysis of New Zealand and Australia

Research Quality and Impact

Describe  how your research has demonstrable quality and impact

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I am an early-career researcher with a PhD (awarded 5 Jan 2017) in public health nutrition and dietetics from Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney, an accredited practising dietitian (APD), and an NZ registered dietitian (NZRD) appointed as a senior lecturer (level C) in the faculty of medical and health sciences at University of Auckland. My research looks at scalable and sustainable properties of the food environment, including digital food environments through which flows of services and information that influence people’s dietary behaviours are directed, such as social media, digital health promotion interventions, digital food marketing and online food retail. My area of expertise is dietary behaviour change through appropriate personalisation of interventions, according to the requirements of the individuals and community, by using user-centred, co-design, and participatory research methodologies and proper integration of behaviour change techniques to motivate long-term changes. My current research centres on three key themes:​ (1) exploring the determinants of dietary choices to support improved outcomes for health and sustainability, (2) point-of-purchase interventions to promote healthy eating through nutrition education and food environment modification, and (3) social media, marketing and digital health promotion using various behaviour change techniques to influence individuals to engage in healthy eating behaviours.

I have led many high-quality and independent research that have made original contributions to the literature and expanded knowledge and practice in nutrition and dietetics, particularly nutritional health promotion. I have developed an established research profile evidenced by original, high-quality, and independent research in public health nutrition, with global recognition (citations 1074, research interest score 478, h-index 18 and i10-index 21). I have published 39 peer-reviewed articles, and 3 book chapters, the majority as first and/or corresponding senior author and presented at various national and international conferences. I have been responsible for a range of strategic research outputs which have underpinned policy discussions and advocacy efforts around improving food environments in tertiary education settings. My total research income in competitive grants is NZD 4,634,872, of which NZD 216,810 as a primary investigator. I have demonstrated my ability to initiate and resource research projects with significant roles in collaborative research. I have built cross-disciplinary collaborations with the Department of Marketing, Computer Science and Engineering, Population Health, Commercial Services, Health Psychology, and national collaborations with Auckland District Health Board, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Primary Industries, Healthy Families New Zealand, and industry partners such as High-Value Nutrition, Plant and Food Research, Food and Grocery Council, Facebook, and public health stakeholders such as Heart Foundation New Zealand. I have built external and international research collaborations with the University of Canterbury, Victoria University, Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney, Westmead Research, the University of Bristol, University of Antwerp, University of Plymouth and Hebei Medical University in Shijiazhuang, China. The outcomes of my research have been extensively reported on in television, print, radio, and online media (for example, the Sydney Morning Herald, NZ Herald, the Australian, the Age, Radio NZ,, The Project NZ, TV NZ Breakfast Show, The Conversation etc.).

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