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Media Engagement

2022       Study shows online food platforms are increasing consumers' access to junk foods

2022      A recent uptick in Body Mass Index stats across the population has experts concerned,  but are they accurate?

2022    It's official; we're not masticating properly. We’re doing such a bad job chewing that the human jaw is shrinking. So how exactly are we supposed to eat? We asked the experts.

2021      Appetite for convenience: How the surge in online food delivery could be harming our health

2021       Comfort food and lockdown

2021       Comfort food in lockdown

2021       Dietitians Australia, I am dietitian podcast

2021       Lockdown healthy eating tips and cooking “fakeaways” with our bubble for some mindful joyful eating at home

2021       A health challenge, delivered to your door

2021       Dr Rajshri Roy discusses what brings hiccups on, and whether this new 'wonder straw' really works.

2020      Most popular items advertised on Uber Eats unhealthy - study

2020       Charcoal: Black gold?

2020       A Balanced Look at Nutrition

2020       Kombucha health claims a 'marketing ploy' 

2019       Is meat reduction a dietary fad or here to stay?

2019    Q and A from the My Story section of UniNews magazine. 

2019      Taco Bell, how healthy is that burrito? in Stuff NZ

2019      Fresher 5 fight-back: Changes after University of Auckland study finds healthy food options lacking

2019      First-year uni can add 4kg to your weight. Here's how universities can scale that back

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